Any tournament that a USA Fencing club wishes to host, must be sanctioned (approved) by the Tennessee Division (Chairman).  Tournaments that are not sanctioned cannot produce ratings.  USA Fencing's Insurance also does not cover "unsanctioned" tournaments.  

     The process for having your tournament sanctioned is the following:  

     Submit the "Tournament Request" form located above.  The Chairman will review the request, and either approve or denied it (and provide a reason for the denial).  If the Chairman becomes unavailable, the 1st Vice-Chair will respond to the request, followed by the 2nd Vice-Chair, and finally the Secretary/Treasurer.  Any requested date that conflicts with a TN Division-owned event will be denied.  Any requested date that conflicts with a club-owned tournament and offers at least one identical event, will likely be denied.  If a competition has been denied sanction, the tournament organizer may request an executive committee meeting for further discussion.  The tournament organizer may attend the meeting, but will have no voting power.

     New for the 2017-2018 Season, all sanctioned tournaments are REQUIRED to have at least one 'rated' referee.  Passing the referee exam (P) does not constitute a rating.  After taking a referee seminar/clinic and passing the written exam, a referee must take a practical, which means they must be observed by a Certified Referee Observer (appointed by National Office) in order to receive a rating.  For more information about becoming a referee and the ratings process, please click HERE.

     The TN Division strongly encourages each club to host a minimum of one sanctioned tournament each season.  We also expect each club to participate in as many tournaments as possible within our own Division.  The Division understands that clubs have the right to determine which, if any events they choose to participate in, but each club is expected to be active within the Division.  Fencing in Tennessee cannot grow in size and quality without the strong participation of our own members and support of our own clubs.


     During the 2016-17 fencing tournament season, the following qualification procedures shall apply to enable the Division to sanction club-sponsored tournaments:

a. The Division’s tournament fee for each club’s sanctioned tournament will remain $5.00 per fencer, per tournament (i.e., one $5.00 fee per fencer, regardless the number of events in which the fencer may participate in the same tournament).

b. The Division’s tournament fee shall only apply to a club’s first three sanctioned tournaments held during the same fencing season (August 1st through July 31st). For the fourth sanctioned tournament (or more), the Division’s tournament fee shall be waived.

c. If the Division does not receive the club’s payment of the tournament fee within 30 calendar days after the Division submits its tournament fee invoice to the club, then any request from the delinquent club seeking Division sanction for its next tournament cannot be granted, until the Division has received the club’s delinquent tournament fee payment for all prior tournaments for which the Division has submitted invoice(s) to the club, and more than 30 calendar days have elapsed without the Division receiving the club’s tournament fee payment(s) . 


     Once a tournament has ended, the COMPLETE results must be forwarded to the Division Secretary along with a Classification Change Report  (if there are any changes) AND an Event Referee Form.  DO NOT send the results directly to USA Fencing, as they will NOT process classification changes without the consent of a Division Officer.  Without these three items, classification changes will NOT be made.  These forms should be submitted to the Division as soon as possible, and no later than 1 week after the tournament has ended.   


     Effective October 1, 2015, the National Office has mandated that all Tournament Organizers of Sanctioned Tournaments MUST comply with the following process for submitting Tournament documentation and validating background-checked Officials.

  • Beginning October 1, 2015, all Tournament Organizers will be required to submit a list of officials who worked their event (to include Referees, Volunteers, Bout Committee members, Club owners/Officers, and any other Professional Members working the Tournament).
  • The Division will submit the list of officials when the classification report is sent to the USA Fencing National Office. YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS LIST WITH YOUR TOURNAMENT DOCUMENTS GENERATED FROM FENCING TIME to the Division Secretary/Division Chairman WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE CLASSIFICATION CHANGES TO SUBMIT.
  1. If a non-screened official is used, the tournament organizer will receive a warning letter.
  2. On the second offense, the tournament organizer will not be allowed to host a Sanctioned event for a period of six (6) months. 
  3. On the third offense, the tournament organizer will be referred to the NATIONAL Board of Directors for investigation and potential disciplinary action.

NOTE:  The requirement does not include self-refereed events or apply to individuals who are under the age of 18.

     Tournament Organizers are ultimately responsible for validating that their hired Officials are within compliance of the Professional Membership and Background Check requirements. Please ensure your Officials are valid and screened using the required SafeSport process and the USA Fencing-approved . For more information, see the Policy Documents posted on the SafeSport page at