Annual Division Meeting Agenda

     As the 2016-17 season draws to a close, it's time for our Annual Division Meeting & Officer Election.  Your participation throughout the season is just as vital to the growth and development of our division as your attendance at our annual meeting is.  This meeting is an opportunity to review the successes of the past season, as well as discuss what adjustments are necessary for the coming season; ideas are shared, recommendations are made, schedules are set, and leaders are elected.  

     We truly hope that you will attend our annual meeting and help us prepare for the 2017-18 season; a season that we hope brings the biggest growth in membership and most successes in the Tennessee Division's long history. 

    Annual Meeting Agenda:

[Call to order formalities: Secretary verifies that a quorum is present, in person or by proxy. Chairman then calls the meeting “To Order.”]

  1. Chairman's welcoming remarks, review of the 2016-17 season, results, finances, etc.
  2. Review of old business if necessary.
  3. Finalization of the 2017-18 season schedule; local, regional and national.
  4. Tournament protocol, including request process, referee requirements, sanctioning fees, etc. 
  5. Discussion of future likely rules implementation by USA Fencing that may require all tournaments to have rated referees, and the referees' rating would determine the tournament's overall rating.
  6. Division Referee and Coaching development; future clinics, certification etc. 
  7. Standardized Referee Compensation Plan proposal (for referees officiating at Division sanctioned tournaments).
  8. 2017-18 season budget; overview and suggestions for future expenditures.
  9. Development of a state-wide High School Fencing League.
  10. Marketing/promotion around the Jr. Olympics to be held in Memphis, TN.
  11. Alternate qualifying paths for Jr. Olympics & Summer Nationals.
  12. Bids for future RYC, RJCC, ROCs.
  13. Open forum for additional topics, questions, and comments.
  14. Officer Elections.

[Upon a member’s motion from the floor, and seconded, the Chairman declares the meeting adjourned.]

     The Annual Division Meeting & Officer Elections will be held at Music City Fencing Club (2543R Lebanon Pike, Nashville, Tennessee, 37214) on Saturday, July 22nd beginning promptly at 2pm Central Time.  Refreshments will be provided!   

     Immediately following the adjournment of the meeting, our Division's top nationally-rated referees (each rated a level 5 in their respective weapons; William Curtis [Foil], Chris Cheney [Saber], Robert Piraino [Epee]) will provide a general overview, including rule changes, rules application, common mistakes, and will offer a Q&A forum to provide further clarification. Open fencing will be available at no cost for anyone interested.  

Voting Privileges: Members 18 and over, as of February 1st of the membership year, have the right to vote in US Fencing elections.  Please provide your date of birth prior to February 1st in order to be included on the voting list.  Voting privileges are not included in the non-competitive memberships.

Voting via Proxy:  Members eligible to vote and in good standing may give their proxy to any other member of THE DIVISION who is eligible to vote and in good standing. All proxies shall be in writing and must be submitted for verification to the Secretary at least 72 hours in advance of the Meeting. The person designated in the proxy must be in attendance at the Meeting in order to exercise it.  The proxy form can be found on the division website HERE.