The Tennessee Division has equipment available for "Short Term" and "Long Term" use by official clubs who belong to the Division.  The current list of equipment owned by the Division is as follows:

  • 5 Favero Full Arm-01 Scoring Machines (new 2016 timing chips)

  • 4 pair of Favero Millenium Reels (Each pair includes 1 pair of floor cords and a carrying case)

  • 1 pair of Uhlmann Reels (includes 1 pair of floor cords)

  • Various quantity of weights & shims

  • 1 mask punch tester

  • 1 lamé conductivity testing device (includes test box)

  • Various quantity of small clip boards

  • 1 Aluminum Cam-Lock grounded competition piste.

Short Term Usage - Use of equipment for periods equal to or less than seven days.  This usage request is typically for weekend tournaments or demonstrations.  

Short Term Usage Protocol & Terms of Agreement

  • A club may request the use of Division equipment for a period equal to or less than seven days.

  • The club is responsible for arranging secure transportation of equipment between the Division Chairman and the venue it will be used at. Equipment will be obtained directly from and returned directly to the Division Chairman unless he has either designated another individual to do so on his behalf, or has approved pick-up/return directly between another club who has been approved to use the equipment.

  • If equipment is not returned by the agreed upon date, the club may lose usage privileges for a term of 6 months.

Long Term Usage - Use of equipment for periods of greater than 7 consecutive days.  This usage request is typically for clubs seeking to use the equipment on a regular basis for training within their club.

Long Term Usage Protocol & Terms of Agreement:

  • "Long Term" equipment loans will follow a Period System. Period 1 is Aug.-Nov., Period 2 is Dec.-Mar., Period 3 is Apr.-Jul. Clubs may only request the use of equipment for one Period at a time. Requests should be made prior to the first day of the first month of the Period they are requesting to use the equipment for. Any requests made after that time, may be declined (equipment may already be loaned out), and the club will be asked to wait until the start of the next Period. At the end of their initial loan Period, the club must make a renewal request if they wish to extend their use for the next Period (this also must be done prior to the first day of the first month of the requested Period). The renewal request will be reviewed by the Division (Chairman) and approved or denied.

  • If all Division Equipment is out on "Long Term" loans, and a 'new' club makes a request for equipment, the following protocol will be used in determining which club must give up their "Long Term" loan: I) Any club that has a "Long Term" loan for more than one set of equipment, will need to surrender at least one of the sets for use by the 'new' club making the request. II) The club who has had use of equipment for the longest amount of time will need to surrender their equipment. III) The club that has at least one of their own machine/reel setups must surrender their borrowed equipment. IV) The club located in closest physical proximity to the 'new' club requesting equipment must surrender their equipment. After each Period, the equipment must be visually inspected by a Division Officer or appointed Division Member.

  • A maximum of 2 setups (1 machine, 2 reels, 2 floor cords) can be requested by a single club for a Period.

  • Clubs who have equipment for "Long Term" loans are REQUIRED to arrange secure transportation of the loaned equipment to/from the Division Chairman for "short term" loan requests (ONLY if approved in by the chairman, the equipment may be transported directly to/from the club requesting the "short term" loan). "Short Term" loans will always take precedent over "Long Term" loans. Any club with a "Long Term" loan who does not meet this stipulation will be required to return all of the Division equipment to the Division Chair IMMEDIATELY, and they will not be approved for "long term" loans for a period of 12 months from the date of the occurrence.

  • After 3 consecutive Periods (12 months), clubs will be requested to purchase/obtain one complete set-up (1 machine, 2 reels, and 2 floor cords [or build a reel system]) of their own before another "Long Term" loan request for use of Division Equipment may be approved.