The Tennessee Division Patch Program


Request Your Patch

     All members of the Tennessee Division of USA Fencing are eligible to receive a complimentary Division patch. Upon meeting the following requirements, simply submit a patch request and we will mail you a free patch:

1)  Hold a current membership with USA Fencing and be registered as a member of the Tennessee Division.


A)  Compete in at least one tournament sanctioned by the Tennessee Division during the 2016-2017 season (August 2016 - July2017).


B) Be a listed coach (Professional Membership required) with a fencing club within the Tennessee Division (current USA Fencing club membership required).

Why Wear Your Patch

     The purpose of the Tennessee Division patch is to reward fencers who participate in Division competitions, and promote participation among fencers across our State.  It also serves as a tool to unify and identify all Tennessee Fencers.  By proudly displaying the patch on your uniform, you can easily be identified as a fencer who represents the TN Division.  

How to Wear Your Patch

     The Tennessee Division patch was designed to be worn on the trailing arm of the fencer, however it can also be chosen to be worn on the trailing leg.  The patch can be worn above or below your club's patch (if applicable), at the fencer's discretion if there is no preference by their club/coach.

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